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Friday, January 28, 2011

When Your Name Isn't So Unique

Hey guys!  I'm back on the blog post again.  December was a crazy month but January was that much busier and hectic!  I've moved to a brand new shop space in the Inner Richmond with lower rents and way cooler neighbors. Everybody is so friendly and I have my pick of the most awesome eats in the world!

If you have not acquainted yourself with Clement Street in the Inner Richmond neighborhood of San Francisco, omg, make an appointment to check it out and get some dim sum for cheap!

I'm literally one (and half) block away from my favorite Pho restaurant, which makes my life totally the best ever :-)

But aside from the new work digs, I stumbled upon another company by the same name as me - - but they happen to be located in Poland - from what seems to be a hotel in Poland.  Except, they don't have an "s" at the end of their name.  Interestingly bizarre!  I wonder what they're all about?  Anybody out there read Polish?

I'm curious if any of you have ever stumbled upon another doppelganger out there?  Were you excited?  Were you unimpressed?  Did you care?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Vacation Away!

We're taking a break from work to do a little relaxing the week of December 13-17th.

Any orders placed from Friday, December 10th through Sunday, December 19th for ready to ship items will be shipped out on Dec 20th.

The BONUS though, is that all ready to ship clutches ordered on Friday December 10th through Wednesday, December 22nd will receive a FREE upgrade to USPS Express mail for next day delivery within the United States only, with payment of USPS first class postage. This offer applies only to shipments made in the USA.

Happy Holidays!
kiu Designs

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Give Thanks Winner!

It was great reading all the reasons why people were thankful.  Sometimes, throughout the year, we get caught up in our daily (and sometimes mundane) tasks and we forget to remember all the wonderful reasons why we should be thankful.

With that, our Give Thanks Contest winner, as selected by three separate judges, is Tee Jay, who wrote:
I am thankful for challenges because they allow me to reach deep within myself, to persevere, and ultimately make me stronger and wiser.

I couldn't have said it better.  The contest prize is a free clutch purse from our website

Also, as a bonus, the individual who received the most acknowledgments for referring contestants on our Facebook page also receives a small gift.  The Way the Cookie Crumbles is that winner!

Thanks to everybody who participated!

Monday, November 8, 2010

November Give Thanks Contest

Growing up in Southern California, our Novembers were never too cold, but there were plenty of autumn leaves to sweep up.  While our autumn colors were never quite as vibrant as New England's or New Hampshire's, I do have fond memories of my childhood in those fuzzy warm autumn days where innocence and mischief blended so blissfully together.
Photograph by Eithne Gallagher
As the tradition goes, giving thanks was hailed as almighty for November and I was certainly not immune to that tradition.  Through the years, I developed a greater sense of giving thanks and giving back, to my loved ones, my friends, my colleagues, and today, the people who make my craft as a designer so interesting and worthwhile, my fans.

To pay homage to fans and for their patience and loyalty, kiu Designs is sponsoring the November Give Thanks contest - so easy and fun that you'll want not but to enter.
The winner gets to pick their choice of any item that is ready to ship from my online shop valued at $68USD or less.  Custom items are excluded from this contest. The contest is open to any person but the prize will only be shipped to an address inside the United States via USPS First Class Mail.

To officially enter this contest, become a fan on Facebook (if you aren't already) and then leave a comment on our page with the following phrase (fill in the blanks) 

"I am thankful for ... because ...." 

If applicable, a secondary (surprise prize) will be awarded to the fan who has the most referrals on our Fan page.  So if your friends become a fan and enter the contest, make sure they leave an additional comment on our fan page thanking YOU for referring them to kiu Designs.
All comments must be made on or before November 30th. Our panel of three judges will select the most interesting entry. The winner will be announced by December 1st on our Facebook page as well as in our December newsletter.  Entry into this contest authorizes kiu Designs to use your name and likeness in our newsletter and Facebook page.  The contest is void where prohibited.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bridal Clutches for the Winter Bride

Who says that winter has to be dreary?  Not me!  Here's my latest bridal clutch creation.  I'm crafting much more bridal clutches in the upcoming months.

The Masterful Bridal clutch by kiu Designs was inspired by a recent bride whose destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas Mexico resulted in some awesome pictures.  Here's the stock studio pics of this unique clutch.  Note the kiu Designs watermark too, to signify the copyrighted design.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fabric that Tickles!

Thanks for those who came by on Sunday, September 26th to the Cole Valley Fair in lovely San Francisco and visited my booth.  It was totally awesome!

I also had the chance to chat with some locals and very surprised to learn that the fabric print I use for my Trina clutches was created by a very talented graphic artist Jessica Jones.  Jessica also happens to be an online blogger too!  You can read her blog here and see more of her Calliope print.

You can see her print on my Trina clutch purses in Blue and in Brown:

You can see why I'm a quick fan of hers.  The prints are fun, flirty, and just a bit zany.  I mean, just a little of that in all of us, no?  In fact, Jessica's Calliope print has been so awe inspiring that many imitators (and out right copycats) have followed suit.  But, she's taken it all in stride, which makes her so poised and awesome in my eyes.

Cheers to Calliope and Jessica.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Taste of Eden

My latest creation - a taste of Eden in both black and cognac!  It's leather and canvas and I'm totally loving it!

Also,  come visit me at the Cole Valley Fair tomorrow, Sunday September 26th from 10am-5pm on Cole Street, San Francisco.  Lots of vendors (including me), food and entertainment all day!